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If you were ever arrested and charged with a crime, even if the charges were later dismissed, that information about your arrest can be discovered by almost anyone seeking information about your. This is particularly the case since 9/11. It’s hard enough to be competitive in today’s job market. Having a criminal record can make it almost impossible to get a job.

There are steps you can take to clear or seal your criminal record. The Old Bridge, New Jersey, expungement attorneys at The Law Offices of Gerard A. DelTufo and Gerard L. DelTufo can inform you if you qualify.

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Do You Qualify for an Expungement?

  • The charges against you were dismissed
  • You successfully completed pre-trial intervention program (PTI)
  • You successfully completed a conditional discharge program (for a drug offense) and have not been re-arrested
  • Municipal ordinance violation: You were convicted more than two years ago
  • Disorderly Persons Offense: You have three or fewer DPs and were convicted more than five years ago and have completed required probation and paid all fines
  • Felony crime in Superior Court: You had only one felony conviction, which occurred more than 10 years ago, you completed your sentence and paid all fines, and the felony you committed is not one of those specifically listed in the statutes as non-qualifying

There are additional disqualifying factors and with the recent changes in New Jersey’s expungement statute, it can be difficult to understand whether your case actually qualifies for expungement. You will need to talk with a lawyer who can look at the specific facts of your case.

Record Sealing

When a record is sealed, it is unavailable for public review. The record still exists but it will not be made public. However, local and federal law enforcement can see all the events on a criminal record.

If you qualify, sealing your criminal record or expunging criminal charges can make a significant difference in your life. Contact an Aberdeen lawyer to seal your criminal record. Call (732) 566-110 for a free initial phone consultation to learn more.

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