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Domestic violence occurs in rich and poor homes, among families of every race and religion, in cities, suburbs and rural areas. Anyone can be the victim of domestic abuse, women or men.

Domestic abuse has far-reaching effects on adults and children. When a parent is the victim of domestic violence and children witness this abuse time and again, they, too, may act out. The sooner domestic violence is exposed and ended, the better the chances are that the next generation can break free from the cycle of abuse.

If you have been the victim of domestic assault by a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or a live-in partner, you need and deserve to be free from the violence and threats.

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The Old Bridge, New Jersey, domestic violence attorneys at The Law Offices of GErard A. DelTufo and GErard L. DelTufo can help you obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) and a final restraining order (FRO). Contact our law office to schedule an appointment or call (732) 566-110 for a free initial phone consultation to find out more about the process of getting a restraining order.

We Understand the Challenges You Face

Attorney Gerard L. DelTufo is a former member of the board of trustees of the Women’s Center of Monmouth County (now known as 180). THis organization is devoted to turning around the lives of battered women. He worked with Janice Miller, an attorney who advised the New Jersey legislature at the creation of New Jersey’s domestic violence statute.

Mr. DelTufo has helped many victims of domestic assault obtain restraining orders when they most need it.

Proving to the Court That You Need Protection

In criminal court, an assault must be proven beyond reasonable doubt.  Family court does not have the same high requirement of proof. When domestic assault charges are transfered to family court, you only need to prove by a preponderance of evidence that you were assaulted or that you had reasonable fear for your safety.

When you initially bring your case before the judge, you will be granted a temporary restraining order. The other party does not have a chance to fight the restraining order until the second hearing in 7 to 14 days. At that time he or she can bring an attorney and evidence to dispute your case. Your attorney will work with you to gather evidence in support of your request for a permanent restrating order.

If you have been the victim of threats or physical assault, do not despair. The Aberdeen, New Jersey, spousal abuse lawyers at our law firm are dedicated to protecting your rights. Call (732) 566-1100 for a free initial phone consultation.

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