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Domestic violence charges can have major implications. If the other person got a restraining order, you can be removed from your home and other places that you usually go.

Your contact with your children will be reduced. If you are found guilty on a domestic violence charge, it can hurt you in a child custody case. And any criminal conviction can hurt your chances for employment.

If you have been arrested for domestic assault, you face both civil and criminal charges. At The Law Offices of Gerard A. DelTufo and Gerard L. DelTufo, we represent you in both cases. Our Aberdeen domestic violence and family assault defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights. Contact us online or call our Old Bridge office at (732) 566-1100 for a free initial phone consultation.

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Defense Against Restraining Orders

The person who brings allegations of domestic abuse (the “victim”) can ask for you to be removed from the home and that you have no contact with him or her. A petition for a temporary restraining order will go to the judge and get approved without any chance for you to defend yourself. The “victim” will be able to stay in the home and will get temporary custody of any children.

Your chance to fight a restraining order occurs at teh hearing to determine if a permanent order will be issued. That happens 7 to 14 days after the temporary order is issued. THis is a short amount of time to prepare a defense. Get an experienced defense lawyer on your case right away.

A restraining order is a civil case heard in family court, not a criminal case. A civil case does not require overwhelming evidence against you so it can be a tougher case to prove your innocence. We will gather police reports and transcripts of any prior problems. We will talk to witnesses and investigate any evidence at the scene.

Defense Against Criminal Charges

A criminal case for assault or aggravated assault can be brought months after any civil case and restraining order. If there is a restraining order against you, it’s extremely important not to have any contact with the person (or persons) liste in the order. Even if he or she calls you on the phone, do not talk. It’s a violation of the order for your protection and can lead to automatic jail time.

We will help you fight the criminal charge for assault or for violating a restraining order. If possible, we seek to get charges dismissed or reduced. There may be options for plea bargaining to attend anger management class or drug counseling program rather than jail time. Let us review the facts of your case and advise you about your options.

The Old Bridge, New Jersey, restraining order violations defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Gerard A. DelTufo and Gerard L. DelTufo, will fight to protect your rights. Contact us online or call (732) 566-1100 for a free initial phone consultation.

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