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If you or someone close to you is facing criminal charges, you need a skilled New Jersey criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your freedom in New Jersey Superior COurt, municipal court and juvenile court.

At the Old Bridge Law Offices of Gerard A. DelTufo and Gerard L/ DelTufo, we will vigorously fight for your rights and your interests if you have been charged with a crime. We handle all misdemeanor and felony offenses in New JerseySuperior and Municipal Courts. Contact an Old Bridge criminal defense lawyer at our firm or call (732) 566-1100 for a free initial phone consultation.

Remember, it pays to get a lawyer working on your case as soon as possible. We may be able to negotiate bail reduction at your bail hearing. We can also help you obtain bail bonds.

New Jersey Municipal Court Crimes

In New Jersey, misdemeanor offenses are called disorderly person crimes. Types of cases heard in New Jersey Municipal COurt include:

New Jersey Superior Court Crimes

Felony cases are heard in New Jersey Superior Court. It’s particularly important to get a lawyer on your case immediately so your defense attorney can work with the prosecutor at the pre-indictment state (PIP court) to avoid the need for you to go before a grand jury. Pre-arraignment negotiations look at court dates and review of evidence.

For first time offenders, pre-trial intervention may result in you being enrolled is a special first-offender program rather than receiving a jail sentence. If you complete the program and have no more arrests for one year, the charges are dismissed.

Cases heard in Superior Court include:

  • Felony Drug Crimes such as drug distribution, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing
  • Aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon
  • Murder, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter
  • Sex Crimes such as sexual assault / rape

Juvenile Crimes

Criminal law is different in the juvenile court system. Our vast family law experience allows us to approach each juvenile delinquency case in a family context. We work to help each young client understand that he or she has a bright future that is worth protecting. Contact our Aberdeen, New Jersey, juvenile crime attorney for experienced, aggressive, affordable criminal defense representation.

We can Minimize the Damage of an Arrest and Conviction

In today’s difficult job market, having an arrest on your record can greatly extend your job search. Depending upon the specifics of your case, we may be able to help you get charges removed (expunged) from your criminal record.

We also represent clients who have been sent back to jail for probation or parole violations.

If you are facing criminal charges, do not despair. At The Law Offices of Gerard A. DelTufo and Gerard L. DelTufo, our defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights. Call (732) 566-1100 for a free initial phone consultation.

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